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Garage Door Repair in Edmonds WA

Edmonds Garage Door Pro has been servicing local clients for decades. Our services begin with repairing garage doors… but go all the way up to installing expansive custom garages. Our mission statement involves fair pricing and prompt, efficient service. If we say that we are going to be there at a certain time, we most certainly are. Our business was built off of trust, honesty, and integrity.

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If you are looking for a garage door repair technician in Edmonds, WA to help you out with your garage door, then you’ve come to the right place. Our service providers are professional technicians who can assist you with your garage door issue now.

We promise to offer you fair, competitive pricing that matches or beats our competitors. Businesses are not built by offering shady services. That is why we promise to do the right thing for our customers. Because if you come back, then our business will continue to exist. If you are wanting to get a new garage door installed or set up, we can do that as well.

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Glen Nelson

“A1 Garage Door did a fantastic job on our new garage door. The quality and workmanship is superb and beautiful. Their service was very quick and efficient, and we appreciate the time they spent ensuring we knew how to operate the security features of the system. We will certainly recommend them to others in the area!”

Mario Taylor

“Our garage door stopped working when we got home. I called A1 Garage Door and the technician came out on the same day. He found the issue very quickly and repaired the opener. In the end, the garage door started working just like before. We were extremely pleased with the fabulous job. Great Service!”

Richard Lester

“I called 2 different garage door repair companies to get quote on a broken spring. We decided to go with A1 Garage Door after many personal referrals. I called them at 8 am in the morning and the technician came to fix the door within 1 hour. Very professional, friendly, courteous, quick and affordable price. Within 30 minutes we were back up and running. I would highly recommend this business!”


You may be wondering about custom garage door installations and new garage door installs. Well here at A1 Garage Door Edmonds, we have been installing garage doors for a long time. Projects have been seen from start to finish and we have overcome all obstacles.

Are you experiencing a problem with your garage door? If your garage door has been deformed due to an accident, the garage door springs seem to cause problems or there has been another reason for the malfunctioning of your garage door, you should stop worrying and start acting wisely. This is the contact number of A1 Garage Door Repair Edmonds, which is the right place for your garage door repair needs in the City of Edmonds Washington.

Professional Garage Door Repair: Fast Response

Having trouble with your garage door? Can’t open or close all the way? Do you need a certain part, such as a spring or hinge, replaced? Do you want to give it a major upgrade? Then look no further: We’re the ones you need to call!

For order title, we firmly believe ourselves to be the best at what we do, as the professional service we provide to the local area is top-notch. Every single one of our employees are professional, courteous, and efficient! We are trained to handle all types of garage door styles and configurations with ease. No job is too great or challenging for us!

We will gladly make all service calls for order title, as it is our mission to earn your satisfaction! Just make schedule an appointment with our excellent office staff, and we’ll be right at your doorstep as soon as you hang up the phone. That’s how passionate and diligent we are about order title. If you have any further questions, or want to call for an appointment, please contact us for order title!

Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Garage spring replacement and installation can be a cosmetic blemish for your garage and become a safety issue for your family and property. A malfunctioning spring means your garage door is not on track and should be repaired by a professional. Your car is protected by your garage and what’s worst is unexpected garage door repairs that damage or entrap you vehicle. In fact, an experienced garage door professional can quickly and easily repair your garage door. A certified friendly professional will come inspect your garage door and make the necessary recommendations. Get 24 hour emergency services when you need it.

Get your garage spring repaired or replaced for a reasonable price. Your garage door spring is under a tremendous amount of pressure that makes your garage door unusable. Get the best garage door repair and installation in your area. Customers have access to maintenance, servicing, inspecting, same day service, sectional garage door repair, free quotes, and much much more. Never attempt torsion spring replacement as a do-it-yourself project to avoid injuries. Contact us for garage spring replacement and installation.

Garage Door Openers – Sales & Installation

Nobody likes the tedium of having to manually open a garage door. It involves parking a car in the driveway but only temporarily. All of that trouble, only to have to get back in it to pull into the garage once the door is opened. Most people these days have an automatic garage door opener. Those who do not already have one installed or have one that is wearing out or broken should consider it. It may be time to call a specialist in garage door opener sales & installation.

Many people like to do their own home projects, bot to keep themselves busy and in the attempt to save money. Some projects, however, are too complicated and dangerous to be done by an amateur. Big jobs, such as installing a garage door opener, should be taken care of by professionals with plenty of experience. This avoids injury and spares the cost of needing to make adjustments later on from lack of experience. When it is time to install a new opener or replace an existing one call in professionals. Contact us for any garage door opener sales and installation needs.

A1 Garage Door Edmonds

A1 Garage Door Edmonds is an extensive garage door repair company that provides services for all types of garage doors. We work with all types of business and house owners. They make sure that the problem with your garage door is figured out and solved soon, saving you time and money. Now you don’t need to wait for hours after you have called them. Their repair person will reach you within 30 minutes of your call. If your garage or gate is causing trouble at night, you do not need to wait until the morning. They provide a 24/7 service. Just call their emergency number and your problem is half solved.

Your garage door is of great importance to your house or business. In both cases, it secures your precious belongings, such as your car or your special goods. Therefore, the door needs to be strong as there are many cars and even fleet vehicles stolen by criminals here in Edmonds. The company, A1 Garage Door Repair Edmonds provides you garage doors that are secure, easy to access and very professional. This will keep your business and vehicles safe.

A1 Garage Door Edmonds WA provides technicians who are fully legible and have enough experience to be trusted for your garage door repair. They are highly professional and will work as per your expectations. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority, so the repair person will not leave until you are fully satisfied. You would feel completely comfortable working with them and all your confusions and worries will depart. They come with high references from all their clients and will not disappoint.

If your garage door squeaks while opening or closing, the cable seems frayed or does not operate smoothly, if the door does not close properly or fall instantly while lowering, or the remote control door opener fails to work, you should call A1 Garage Door Repair Edmonds as they know the solutions to your problems.You would never regret your decision and would love to recommend them to your friends. They pride themselves in offering splendid work within a reasonable price and you will be charged according to the work done on the repair of your garage door. We hope that you decide sensibly for the repair of your garage door and hire this company. A1 Garage Door Edmonds are the only ones in the market who will work beyond your expectations.



When you need fast, reliable, expert service from the company with years of experience in garage door repair and new garage door installation, call Edmonds Garage Door Pro. We work quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing anything in the way of craftsmanship. We offer onsite estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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