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Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Your garage door opener does not raise your garage door. It merely directs the springs to do all the heavy lifting. The springs are the real workhorses of your garage door system, and we are the spring replacement experts. After decades in the business, we have never seen a spring we didn’t like, or couldn’t replace. Spring replacement takes an enormous amount of strength, but also a high degree of precision. Our seasoned technicians arrive at your door quickly with a fully loaded truck. They carry a wide array of garage door springs and brackets to replace your worn or broken ones on the spot, in less than an hour.

Always Leave It to the Pros
Never attempt to change your garage door springs yourself! There are many handyman jobs around the house suitable for the DIY enthusiast; garage door repair is not one of them. Seriously, there is enough pent-up tension in those coils to catapult you to the hospital. Only an experienced licensed garage door repairman should be up on the ladder.

We Won’t Spring Any Surprises On You
While unscrupulous garage door repair services are well known to pad the bill with hidden fees and added charges, we pride ourselves in upfront pricing. Our technicians give you an accurate estimate, and then they stick to it. If you only need one spring replaced, we’ll let you know. If you prefer to have both replaced at the same time, let us know.

Our technicians are spring replacement experts who can spot larger problems that may have caused the spring to snap. They can also explain your options for different grades of springs as well as extended-life garage door springs.

Garage Door Springs: Which Type Do You Need?

Most homeowners operate their garage door every day. Even when not in use, your garage door is performing important functions like keeping your storage space and home secure and keeping out the elements. So when your garage door malfunctions, do not wait to call our professional garage door repair service. We will troubleshoot the problem and perform the necessary repairs or replacements so that you don’t have to deal with a broken door for very long.

Many homeowners have not given a lot of thought to their garage doors and how they function, which is fine – that is our job. Garage doors are not as simple as they seem. With over 300 parts moving independently to get the job done, opening and closing a garage door is more complicated than it looks. Fortunately, an array of both moving and non-moving parts, including openers, tracks, cables, hinges, springs, and weather seals are in our wheelhouse. In addition to having multiple parts, there are many garage door configurations, styles and brands. We are familiar with them.

Although there is much that can go wrong, our experts have seen it all and are ready to recommend the best course of action. We don’t expect laymen to know all the ins and outs of garage doors, and we are happy to share our expertise. Give us a call if your garage door is not functioning optimally. We may be able to adjust your door springs and tracks for smoother operation. Or perhaps your rollers and cables need replaced. Maybe a new garage door opener is in order. Could your door need to be re-balanced and have the torsion springs adjusted? Let us have a look and we will let you know how we can help.


When you need fast, reliable, expert service from the company with years of experience in garage door repair and new garage door installation, call Edmonds Garage Door Pro. We work quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing anything in the way of craftsmanship. We offer onsite estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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